Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Update from my Mom

One of my brothers mentioned we didn't hear much from my Mom last fall during our parents' first trip to India. Here's part of an email my Mom sent me that explains a bit of what she's been doing recently.

It's been quite a busy time for us. The Cochin weekend was great, but very long, tiring and very hot. Everytime I am in an area where it is hot I promise myself never to complain about the cold!!! Three of the boys got into trouble so now they are gated for the weekend, which means that they must attend all the meals, including breakfast and not leave the campus or participate in the fun activities. Ouch!!!

I have now started to teach French for Std. 9. It's really very easy and the time goes by very quickly in the class. I also assist the Exam secretary; we are entering all the data for the Cambridge exams in June. It is a tedious job, but it keeps me out of trouble.