Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Funny kid story #1

My best friend, Yvette (aka Why) has two kids. Her boy, Dylan is nearly 6 years old, her daughter Kolina just turned 10. Why often shares with me funny stories that happen to the kids. Here is the first in the Funny Kids Stories series:

"I think Dylan learned a lesson today. Immediately after dinner (soup, bread & yogurt), he went and sat on Kolina's desk chair, which is one of those office-type ones with wheels and that you can spin around on. Well, Dylan learned that if you sit on said chair and spin around like an idiot, you throw up your dinner.

Thank goodness we have parquet floors!"

Friday, May 20, 2005

Other blogs that may be of interest

My brother Eric and a couple of my friends also have blogs. Maybe you'd be interested in reading what they have to say too. I won't say anything about them but will let you discover them for yourself.

Eric's blog (many topics covered) -

Lyndy's blog (she's an angry little thing) -

Pam's blog (she's preparing for a marathon) -

Eric also introduced me a couple of other sites, namely and Enjoy!

If you know of a blog that I may be interested in or have a blog of your own, please let me know.

Congratulations to Rob

Congratulations, Rob!

My friend Cecilia (Super C to her peeps), her younger brother, Rob is a new graduate from the Professional Photography Program at Dawson College. I went to the Class of 2005's vernissage last night. Check out Rob's photos at:

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Quiet morning in the office. Don't tell anyone.

A quiet morning in the office is the perfect opportunity for a little giggle. Here are links to two of my favourite comic strips.

Get Fuzzy:

Funny how a little home baking can turn a bunch of accountants into kids again

The other day I brought homemade chocolate chip cookies in to work. They were a big hit. Here are a couple of the compliments I received: “Oh … my … God … sooooooo gooooood”, “mumble mumble mumble mumble” (I think this means they were good, but the person saying it had their mouth full of cookie at the time), “Can I have another?”, “These should be illegal to have in work”, “And you’re not married?”, “Ok – I can’t take it, this is #6 now”.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Guys and clicky shoes

What is it with guys who wear clicky shoes??? Do they think that's cool? Do they think women will check them out? All I can do is shudder.

Pictures on

My brother and I bought a scanner (Canon 8400F) this weekend and I tested it out on a couple of old pictures and slides. You can have a look at those pictures and a bunch of other ones I have posted. Some will bring tears to your eyes, you'll be laughing that hard!

Check out my pictures on

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to the Show!

Hiya. My name is Stephanie Titcombe and I am Nefertitia. Well, no - I'm not really Nefertitia, but that's the nickname one of my brothers (Eric) gave me years ago. You can call me Stef. Oh, and I live in a loft, hence Loft in this blog's title.

More to come soon ...