Thursday, May 19, 2005

Funny how a little home baking can turn a bunch of accountants into kids again

The other day I brought homemade chocolate chip cookies in to work. They were a big hit. Here are a couple of the compliments I received: “Oh … my … God … sooooooo gooooood”, “mumble mumble mumble mumble” (I think this means they were good, but the person saying it had their mouth full of cookie at the time), “Can I have another?”, “These should be illegal to have in work”, “And you’re not married?”, “Ok – I can’t take it, this is #6 now”.

1 comment:

Darcy's Mama said...

I've had your cookies and they're worth the raves. It's a good thing you didn't make the Toblerone cookies. No work would have been done all day!