Thursday, June 01, 2006

Shoe Shopping

For the last couple of weeks I've been on the lookout for a fabulous pair of strappy sandals for my friend Anna's wedding. Working as I do, right downtown, I have plenty of shoe stores within easy walking distance. To date I have hit quite a large number of these stores. Today I continued my search.

Went down to FX Lasalle in PVM at lunch to see if they had anything I liked (I had seen some possibilities at another location). They had 2 possibilities, but the ones they had in my size ended up looking too casual when I tried them on. The ones that would've been perfect, wouldn't you know, they didn't have in my size. But those ones were by Browns, so I headed over to Browns and they had my size, but apparently they're making shoes even smaller now, and even the size 10 didn't fit me! So, the sales guy ordered a size 11 (the humiliation!) for me which will be delivered this afternoon, and I can go down after work to try them on. They will probably be great shoes, my only concern is the height of the heel (I was actually looking for a heel between 2-3"). These are as high as the slingbacks I have at home (about 3-3 1/2"). The price is reasonable ($88) - which I think is still highway robbery because it is just a strappy sandal after all (never mind that they have nice little black shiny things on them that will look great with my new dress). If I could get the shoes at FX Lasalle, they are paying the taxes so that would save a little money too. If the 11 fits, I'll see if Browns will match the price, if not I'll head over to another FX store.

What a lot of brouhaha over a bloody pair of shoes. I've just about decided to wear what I have and deal with towering above everybody at Anna's wedding.


Why said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to have to keep getting bigger and bigger shoes. It's frightening sometimes! But as you, I'm convinced shoes are being made smaller these days. There's no way my feet good have grown 2 - 3 sizes since I was 20!

Stef said...

Panic over - the shoes actually were my usual size (10), it was just the ankle strap that was too tight. I even managed to get the shoes a tiny bit cheaper at another store!