Monday, December 04, 2006

Giving until it hurts

Saturday I volunteered my services at the Montreal Santa Shuffle, organised by The Running Room for The Salvation Army.

It was sunny. It was windy. It was cold. It was so very, very cold. Talk about giving until it hurts.

The reason I helped out in the first place was because I (mistakenly) thought I had to raise money to participate in the run. Because I had already hit up a lot of friends and colleagues for donations to the Panama project I'll be involved in in Februrary, I decided not to take part in this "fun run". As it turns out, I could've just paid the entry fee and run the race. As it also turns out, I would've been outside for less time had I run.

But noooo ... I volunteered to help and ended up standing outside, at the windiest corner, cheering people on and directing them on the path, for over an hour. Despite having 5, if not 6, layers of clothing on, I was still cold. Even after an hour of cardio work at the gym following the race, I was cold to the bone. When I finally did warm up it was about 6:30pm - thanks in part to a lovely fire at my parents' place and a delicious curried shrimp dinner.

Next year I'm running. And so are my lazy brothers ;)


Why said...

Curried shrimp? I'd say that was good payment...

nickt said...

I paid the entry fee last year to run. Even the slowest runners were done in 45 minutes or so.