Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Going through the 700-odd pictures I took over the holidays brought back a bunch of little stories and anecdotes that I thought I'd share. Too bad I didn't actually write any of them down at the time but I'll try to remember a few. (Eric, Sam, Marc, Mom & Dad are all welcome to add their own.)

While waiting to go through security at Dorval airport, I told Marc about the time I'd sent a postcard to Eric with nothing written on it except a small 'S' at the bottom of the card and the post office clerk who asked if I'd forgotten to write it, followed by her shock when I answered "No", this gave Marc the idea to send postcards with nothing but scribbles on it. I added to the idea and included some commas, exclamation points, ellipsis. Funnier still is that I sent two postcards exactly like that!

Arriving in Zurich and shouting at Yvette through the glass while waiting for our bags to arrive. Think I scared off a few small children.

On the train to Leuk, Marc and I had a young goth couple sitting beside us for a while. They were not afraid of a little PDA and that was fine until we went through what seemed like the longest tunnel in the world and suddenly we couldn't pretend we hadn't noticed them making out anymore. All there was to look at was their mirror images reflected in the train window.

Christmas Eve at the thermal baths, 10pm, swimming outside, surrounded by snow and Alps, a full moon overhead. Does life get any better?

After our Christmas Eve under the full moon, Marc and I somehow beat Eric and Sam back to the apartment. Just as we were going up the stairs we saw them arrive and decided it would be good to scare them. So we ran up to our floor, hid against the opposite wall and (in the dark) just as Sam was about to unlock the door - we jumped out and yelled "BOO!!!" Sam nearly hit the roof and Eric a few steps back. Marc and I laughed and laughed and laughed! The next day we found out that a number of our family in the building had heard all the commotion and wondered what was going on. This being Switzerland, the house rule was that there was to be absolutely no noise after 10pm.

Christmas Dinner with Eric, Sam & Marc. We'd been watching some lunatic weight lifting competition and Marc made a joke (that I have long forgotten) about somebody's name that had us doubled over laughing.

Marc slipping on the ice (but not falling) and me telling him "don't do that to me!" Of course, I fell about a dozen times, sometimes even with a full backpack.

Discovering that the old bathing suit I brought was too big for me because all the jets in the pools inflated my top or bottom to either make it look like I had a very large uni-boob, or was about 8 months pregnant.

Falling down the stairs at the pool and getting the hugest, nastiest and blackest bruise on my butt. Mom, Marc, Eric and Yvette will all tell you how gross it was. I did take a picture of it but still don't have it in me to post it.

After an amazing raclette dinner at a restaurant on the ski slope (literally) with my cousin Chantal, her husband Carlos, Eric, Sam and Marc, we sledded down the slope back into town. It was completely black, only our flashlights and the moon to light the way. We may have woken up the whole town with all our screaming on the way down. We were soaked with snow by the time we did make it and struggling to catch our breath after laughing so much.

Spending the day on New Year's Eve in Urnasch following the yodellers dressed up as ugly, pretty and wood creatures around the town. Took 150 pictures in about 3 hours.

New Year's Eve raclette dinner at home with Yvette and her family. Much, much laughing. Possibly I may have spit my coffee out (twice).

New Year's Day in Stein-am-Rhein. Most of the shops closed, precious few people about and lots of beautiful old buildings just waiting to have their picture taken. Yvette, Andy and I had afternoon cake and coffee at a quaint little restaurant. Walking along the river we found a great little spot for some fun and funny pictures.

Day trip to Hasliberg. Friends of Yvette & Andy have a chalet on the side of a ski slope. Spent the day laughing, eating, laughing, hiking, laughing and laughing. Shockingly exhausting all that laughing.

First tripping Yvette on purpose, then bashing her cart into a freezer at the grocery store. I had to run away because I was laughing so hard.

Girls day with Yvette in Zurich. Coffee, laughing, shopping, lunch - just the two of us. Awesome.


Sue Titcombe said...

Great stories!

Thanks for the post card. The exclamation points were my favourites!!!!!!!

Why said...

I can't tell you how great it was to have you here! I'm already looking forward to 2009 and our Spa Day!