Monday, October 06, 2008

Do what it takes

Had my first potential buyer visit yesterday afternoon. My agent was already booked, so he asked if I could be around to take the agent and his client through. No problem for me - I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this place sold.

Agent and Client showed up 10 minutes early. Good thing I'm so horrifyingly organized and was ready for them. Gave them the 10-cent grand tour. They asked a bunch of questions about the people living in the building (kids, noise), cost of electricity, etc. I raved about my small but nicely planned kitchen, the great bookshelves that make my bedroom and how they can be moved to suit one's purpose, the amazing parc as a neighbour, even showed them the locker space. The whole thing took about 15 minutes or so. Even brought out my Dad's joke about the building being an old pool, so my place literally & figuratively has floating floors. Cheesy, I know, but they thought that was hysterical. Or maybe they were just humouring me.

This morning I heard back from my agent and apparently the Client will be meeting with his Agent tomorrow morning to discuss my place and another in my building. Mine is smaller but, according to the Agent, brighter! Granted it was a grey afternoon and I did have every light on in the place but hey - if that's what they remember it's fine by me.

The Client must have quite a wide budget. My place is 600 sq. ft. and going for $159K. The other place is 900 sq. ft. and going for $219K. Huh.

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