Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 is here. Weird, eh? Doesn't it seem like Y2K was just a minute ago?

Reflecting (briefly) on 2008 here are a few highlights:

March - earn TESL certificate
June - win first Dragon Boat race of the season, take Darcy to see Robert Munsch
August - win second Dragon Boat race (getting quite used to it!)
September - Kathryn & John's wedding
October - up my TESL certificate to Honours with specialization in business English
November - babysit Darcy & Wesley for a week, come out alive

Being who I am, I can't ignore the stuff that didn't quite go my way:

March to September - real estate agent #1 doesn't market my condo, it doesn't sell
September to December - real estate agent #2 takes on my condo but financial crisis brings market to a screaming halt, condo doesn't sell
November - take 2 sick days, breaking my 8 year good attendance record at the firm
December - Dragon Boat team decide once and for all we won't be going to China in 2009

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