Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 1

11pm now. Long day but fairly relaxing.

Kind of an awkward start this morning. Couldn't figure out how to open the door to the school to go to the bathroom. Tried all four keys. Twice. Damn door would not open. Decided to just sit outside and wait until Keith woke up and opened the door. Didn't have to wait long. All my messing about with the keys woke him up and about 30 seconds after I stopped all the jingling, he opened the door. Sigh ... I'm such an idiot. The inside door didn't even need a key to open, all I had to do was push.

Then of course, trying to be as quiet as I can, I made all kinds of noise. Dropped my soap. Nearly shrieked at the cold water only shower. Made a wooden bar fall on the floor. Sigh ...

Before church started, Keith and Julia went to move the van so we could get out later and go pick up Janice and Jen from the airport. While they were doing that I started taking pictures of the school yard. I was still doing this when they walked back, with a few of the local kids in tow. The kids wanted to know why I was taking pictures of their school yard. If I told them that schools in Montreal didn't have dirty cement walls and topped with barbed wire they wouldn't believe me. I just let them think I'm a crazy white lady.

We made a quick trip to the local market for some fruit. Better prices than the grocery store (I think) and much better looking produce. We got some yummy mini-bananas and a gorgeous pineapple. The guy at the market told us that if we were going to eat the pineapple today, we should pull the top off. He did that for us in one pull. Very impressive. Apparently you should only do this if you're going to eat the pineapple that day. Huh.

We got to skip out of church half way through (woo hoo!) to go to the airport. Back in town, we walked down to the DC's house for lunch. It's about a 10-15 minute walk from the school. Mrs. Robideau made us a typical Belizean lunch, served buffet style because there was just no room to put 7 of us around a table what with all the stuff that got pulled out of their spare room. She made fried plantains. My favourite. They were delicious. Also rice and beans, plus potato salad, some chicken dish and some fresh veggies.

Janice and Jen both seem very nice and friendly. Jen is quick to laugh. Janice is a little more quiet but it's easy to see she's completely genuine and kind. So our Triple J is complete (took a picture of the three J's in front of a water taxi place actually called "Triple J"!). We seem to be a good mix of characters.

Those kids played hockey and football for hours non-stop. Crazy.

Tonight we went for a drive around Belize and wound up at the Casino. At the bar we ordered a bottle of coke and 5 glasses. Heh - bet they weren't too happy with that order. The bar had this living room set in white fabric covered completely in clear plastic. So weird. We arrived just in time to see the half time show (Bruce Springsteen) then back to the school to sorted our bags for our work this week.

Finished the day with a game of Dutch Blitz. First time I heard of this game but caught on easily (if slowly) enough. Didn't do so hot but that's OK. Have to see if I can buy this at home.

Looking forward to starting work tomorrow.

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