Friday, April 03, 2009

Found it!

Visited a condo last night that I immediately fell in love with. I swear, I walked in and could see my furniture there already.

Wood floors
FABULOUS kitchen (!)
2 balconies (!)
Above ground level
2 bedrooms
Walk-in closet (!!)
Separate shower (!)
Gas fireplace (!)
Gas line out to BBQ on balcony (which I'm told is a feature, but it's not like I'm grilling up huge whacks of meat every night)
Storage room in the unit
Proper dining room space for my dining room set
Low condo fees
Close to the bike path
Walking distance to metro, groceries, fruit/veg shop, SAQ
Close to the bus
Bigger than what I have now, but not so big that I would be paying for wasted space
Building is 4 years old, only 1 owner before me

At the very top of my budget
Bigger of the two balconies faces north, onto the parking lot and other balconies
Doesn't really have a view
Would have to take the metro to work
Might take 10 minutes longer to get to work (by metro)
Probably 15 minutes longer to get to work on my bike
No parking spot (but I don't have a car anyway, this is just for resale purposes, 10 years down the road)

I'm nit-picking, I know. But I've been up since 4am thinking about this and trying to find all the bad things that could throw things out of balance for me. After work tonight I'm going to take the metro there (see how long it takes) and walk around the neighbourhood to see how long it would really take to do things. But as you can probably tell, I'm pretty much sold on the place!

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Sue Titcombe said...

It sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see pictures!