Monday, July 26, 2010


Unbelievable but true! We won 1st place in Premier Division Final A, 500m! That means a beautiful, fantastic, wonderful GOLD medal for each of us and a fancy trophy for the team to keep until next year.

In the 250m we didn't do nearly so well, finishing only 4th or 5th, I believe. We had an open lane and the wind did nothing but push us back the whole race. That hurt.

In the 100m "Best of Fest" face we raced against 5 other mens teams and lost. To be expected, I suppose, but I'd just like to mention that whichever boats were in lanes 3 and 4, they were well ahead of the pack on the start. Cheaters.

And finally, my old womens team, needed me back for a few races too, so I sat in and we were able to finish first place in Womens Division C 500m. So that was pretty awesome too!

It was a beautiful weekend. Hot, sunny, good friends, lots of laughter and GOLD medals!

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