Monday, August 01, 2011

See you later ... much later!

In a strange twist of fate, my parents this time are the ones saying goodbye and see you later. They'll be leaving this week to spend 5 months in India. (Lucky so-and-so's ...)

They're going to the same school my Dad volunteered at four years ago. My Dad had such a good experience that he wanted to do it again, and there was no way my Mom was going to let him go alone. Well, they're off!

Last night we managed to squeeze in a little goodbye dinner with the whole family. Here's a picture. Nick, Sue & the kids were on their way back from their vacation in PEI, so we were able to have an extended family dinner, with Sue's parents (Hi Barry & Renée) joining us too.

I'm excited for my parents and can't wait to hear, read and see all about their adventure - together this time. (Hint - Mom & Dad: take more pictures than you think necessary.)

Have fun! We'll miss you!

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