Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crap reading

Not a lot of reading going on recently. No, that's not quite right. A lot of crap reading going on. Books so bad that I can't even bear to finish them or add links to them on the sidebar here. That's how bad.

Would rather re-read Persuasion for the millionth time than read one sentence by some popular "author" who can't create a good character or write an interesting story. ENOUGH!

Back to Austen I go.


Sue Titcombe said...

I hear you! I've had a few lousy reads myself lately. I'm just finishing up "The Paris Wife" right now, which is good. Then I'll be moving on to "Late Nights on Air", so I'm hoping to be on a good streak now. But your Persuasion comment led me to think of something else. The other day Darcy and I were at Indigo and she noticed a bunch of books with the name Darcy in the title. They'd set up a display of P & P "sequels". Grrrr. I've tried reading a few different ones over the years and they all just end up making me angry. I'll just stick with the original, thanks.

Stef said...

Those P&P sequels or spin-offs are TERRIBLE! Jane would not be impressed.