Thursday, September 06, 2012

Post-race analysis

My brother Nick has very nicely analysed my race from Saturday (thanks, Nick!). He's good at this stuff and it makes me happy to read.  Here's what he says:

In my age group (women, duh, 40-44 years old), I was:
6th out of the water
6th off the bike
2nd in the run

[Editor's note:  What the what?!]

He goes on to say:  "That’s insane. You had the SECOND fastest time in your age group on the run. By THIRTY seconds. You missed third by two and a half minutes, BUT you only missed SECOND by THREE minutes. Are you kidding me??? That’s insane. And it was your first."

How cool is that, people?

Notes from Nick regarding this coming Saturday's race (oh help, it's in 2 days!):  I should have "a relaxed swim, be a little quicker in T1, push the bike nicely, be quick in T2, and push the run."

Notes from me about this Saturday's race, other than "oh help, it's in 2 days":  Worried about the rain and how far I'll slide if I fall off the bike. Also, after checking last year's race results, the times are FAST, so after the main goal of finishing, the next one is to stay on the bike and finally, have fun.  Oh yes, and breathe.  I may have my priorities mixed up a bit right now but they'll sort themselves out eventually.

PS - start doing sun dances or something for Saturday, please and thank you.

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