Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cold - but not for too long

You know (or maybe you don't, depending where you live) when you're walking into the wind and it's snowing and blowing up hard against your face, and you get that brain freeze feeling except that it's not summer, you're not wearing shorts and there is no ice cream involved? Yes, so that ... I hate that.

But luckily, if everything goes according to plan, in 2 months I won't have to worry about that! Instead you'll be reading my posts Out of India, where I'll spending the next 5 months volunteering for an organization called Shining Stars Centers for Youth Development.

More about all of that as I start to freak out and panic about plans, packing, etc.  For now I'll just say it'll be another item to check off my Life List and how amazing the experience will be.

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