Saturday, September 14, 2013


How many more times will I have the chance to sit at my desk and look out this window?
Even the tennis ball that I constantly roll under my foot :)
When has change often occurred in your life? Is it the spring, summer, fall or winter?  For me spring doesn't usually bring a lot of change (that I can think of) but rather fall. Fall is the time that I have mostly, but not always, moved to other countries, other homes, other jobs, other relationships.

This fall I hope to be moving. I signed the papers with my real estate agent last week, and today a photographer stopped by to take the pictures that will help sell the place.  I won't be moving far. No more lengthy trips to India (this year). I'll stay in Montreal but hope to find a nicer, quieter neighbourhood. No more drunken fools outside my bedroom window every night of the week, no more lifetime supply of earplugs.

Tempting to write about Montreal's delicate political climate but I'm not nearly articulate enough to present an argument properly. Suffice it to say, I'm staying - for now.

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raluca said...

i know all about drunken fools. we have some going up and down our road,too close to the house. uconn students, partying on the weekend. can't blame too much, since i did that too, but now i feel like it ruins the peace of the farm when it happens. especially since i like to sleep with windows open so i can hear crickets and the wind...
anyway, good luck with the move!