Thursday, December 15, 2005

Me and my big mouth

So here's the story. Tomorrow we're having a floor-wide party at work. Those of us that have decided to participate in the festivities have been separated into groups. Each group has to bring one dessert which will serve 12-15 people.

Being the organized person I am, I sent out an email to the people in this group of mine (who by the way, are all professional staff earning about a million times more than me) asking if anyone would volunteer to buy or prepare a dessert. No response. I waited until the end of the day, and then bit the bullet and sent a reminder with an offer to prepare something myself if I didn't hear anything from the group by the end of the day Thursday (which is today). Well, in about 5 minutes, I had responses from all of them saying "Thanks, please take care of this!".

What the hell was I thinking? Like I haven't done enough baking this year? Like I have time to make a cake tonight? (I'm going to a yoga class after work.) Why did I offer to bake something? Why didn't I just say I'd buy something and the team could pay me for it? WHY??? I've obviously got something wrong with me. Sheesh.


Why said...

Gee, guess you won't do THAT again, eh? You should have sent another email saying that as no one was willing to help, you won't either and take back the offer. Lazy bunch of poops (for lack of a ruder word).

erict said...

At least you didn't decide to drive in to work this morning (Friday, major snow) like I did for a meeting and have only 2 of the 5 attendees show up.

Stef said...

As it turns out baking the cake was worth it - our team won! We each got a $50 gift certificate to Indigo!