Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Hate Crowds

Sometimes I could just shoot myself. Today at work we had a little "4 à 5" to welcome in the New Year now that we're all back and hard at work.

Shortly after 4pm I found myself in a big room surrounded mostly by people I am acquainted with, everyone with a drink in their hand and a smile on their face - except me. Well, I did have the drink in my hand. But there was no one I felt comfortable approaching and just joining in the conversation. I lasted a grand total of 10 minutes. By 4:10 I was back at my desk.

I don't know why I clam up in these kinds of situations, but I always do. I lose any and all confidence I have/had. I become the proverbial wallflower. My shyness dictates that I am literally unable to approach a group of people and just talk. It makes me want to cry.

Woo hoo - Happy New Year.


Why said...

I have to say, this is a side of you I never knew existed. I always thought you were the Queen of handling yourself in unpleasant social surroundings.

Stef said...

Huh. No - I'm the worst at this.

Example: Last year at a party, two guys I knew from work were chatting with me and, being it was winter, asked if I skied (skiied?). My big answer - No. I didn't explain or expand on it, never mentioned that I do own cross country skis and enjoy doing that. Just a great, big, fat "No". Nothing else. Talk about killing a conversation.

Why said...

Boy, that line must rank up there with "I don't like people."

Darcy's Mama said...

This surprises me too. I guess Why and I see you the most when you're in your comfort zone with people you know well and are really comfortable with.

I hate settings like that too. I wouldn't describe myself as shy on the whole, but in a situation like that, I definitely would be.

Angry Gnome said...

I remember that party! I remember when you told me what happened and we giggled about it for a good hour afterwards.

Blogger_Naut said...

The trick is to get other people talking and then you can react to what they've told you. It's not as hard as you think.
Anytime you want to "practice" - do a couple dry runs, test out some easy lines - let me know so we can get together.