Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vicks does the trick

Caution - this could get gross.

My head feels about 100 times lighter today than it has in quite a few days.

Managed to see a doctor yesterday morning to find out that yes, I do have laryngitis (surprise, surprise), and I am contagious so I shouldn't be kissing anybody (not like there's a line up people waiting to kiss me). Anyway, bought some Vicks on my way home last night and did a little steam bath kinda thing with that. It helped much more than I thought it would. Hoo wheee!!! NEVER in my life have I seen so much mucus (I'll refrain from telling you the consistency and colour) come out of my nose and throat. Makes me gag a little just thinking about it now. Added to that 6 1/2 hours straight of sleep, it sure helped to make a difference.

Now if I could just get my voice back to normal and not sound like some 80s one-hit wonder rock star (Kim Carnes, Bonnie Tyler) ...


Blogger_Naut said...

Well, I am always in line to be kissing you :*
...but more so now after the bit about "mucus colour and consistency".

Why said...

Hey, don't knock Kim Carnes...I believe she was a whopping THREE hit wonder! Remember the song "Kids in America"? Which movie was that from? I recall some hunky specimen dancing to that. Was it Aidan (swoon) Quinn?