Saturday, July 07, 2007

International Flora

On my fourth and final day of my extended long-weekend, I visited the Montreal International Flora Festival at the Old Port, believing the weather report that told me there was no chance of precipitation that afternoon. Silly me.

However, despite having to wait out one light rain shower and one long downpour, I did spend a couple of very enjoyable and relaxing hours there, taking pictures of the various gardens and of many of the flowers. The colours were so vibrant and each garden so original and creative; I loved it. I’ve posted a new set of pictures on flickr for your viewing pleasure.

Once I was done there, I biked back to the market for a little lemon sorbet and an amazing loaf of baguette for my dinner.

Finally, finally, finally – my long anticipated massage finished off the weekend on the perfect note. Thanks, Sina!

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