Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Long time no post

Apparently there hasn't been much action on my blog (according to Wild Bill) so I better get a post up before I forget all about blogging.

What's been going on? Bit of this, bit of that. Christmas presents for my friends in the UK have been bought, wrapped and sent (last week). Christmas presents for my friends in Switzerland have been bought and wrapped and will be hand delivered by me in December. Christmas presents for the rest of the family will be very few as most of us are going to be spending all our hard earned money on a Christmas vacation in Switzerland.

I have been doing some good cooking. Great pumpkin muffins (so says Grandma), yummy pumpkin soup and an amazing pizza dinner, where I made pizza dough and served three different pizzas (a starter pizza, a main pizza and a dessert pizza) for dinner. Now I'm thinking of doing a fondue dinner or a "diner gateaux" along the same lines. Reservations are filling up fast, so book your seat now!


Sue Titcombe said...

Are you willing to share your pumpkin soup recipe? I've been looking for one.

That reminds me that I need to make more pumpkin muffins today.

Stef said...

I'll write myself a note and email the recipe to you tomorrow.

Sue Titcombe said...

Great! Thanks.

Why said...

Count me in for the Fondue Dinner! By the way, can I tempt you with a big honking Raclette dinner for New Year's Eve?