Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some explaining to do

Seems I have some explaining to do.

Eight weeks ago Yvette introduced me to an old acquaintance of hers via Facebook. After some email back and forth, we met. Went to dinner, had a drink. It was a pretty good night, nice enough guy. A few dates and weeks later I got the first drunken 4am phone call, other dates ended with him telling me he'd gone out "to drink" after our date. Another date where I made sure there was no alcohol involved, had me thinking perhaps this really wasn't going anywhere. The date that decided me once and for all ended with him drinking the better part of two bottles of wine, him leaving to go home but instead taking a taxi downtown to drink and calling me at 4am.

And there you go. I have no intention of getting involved with someone who thinks better of alcohol than he does of me and so ended things.

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nickt said...

Yeah, that's not a really tough choice. Wow, people are stupid.