Friday, May 02, 2008

100 Things To Do Before I Go - Part IV

Sorry I didn't get the chance to post these last ones yesterday. With no further ado ...

Numbers 76 - 100:

76. Teach someone to read
77. Hike through the Grand Canyon
78. Accept myself for who I am
79. Go whale watching
80. Win a trip
81. Learn to drive stick shift
82. Be the first to borrow a book from the library
83. See a Broadway play
84. Ride the Orient Express
85. Buy something at auction
86. Photograph tulips in Holland
87. Take more pictures
88. Go to the Ottawa Tulip Festival
89. Do 2 pull-ups
90. Buy a lottery ticket
91. Drink champagne in Champagne
92. Attend a Habs play-offs game
93. Live in a eco-friendly home
94. Go on a helicopter ride
95. Walk around Red Square
96. Buy myself a diamond
97. Go gliding
98. Ride in a hot air balloon
99. Tango in Argentina
100. Have mehndi (henna) applied to hands

1 comment:

Why said...

I love the one about the 2 pull ups! Don't aim too high, Stef!