Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is hard

Visited two condos tonight. Both have a lot of potential.

One I liked more than the other but it's not exactly right. The bedroom may not have enough room for even the minimal furniture I have and the dining area wouldn't allow room for my china cabinet or buffet. It is completely ready to move in. Fantastic kitchen, beautiful floors, bright (3rd floor), front and back balcony, office space.

The second place is closer to my ideal budget but it's dark (ground floor), would have to be repainted completely and the living room is minuscule. Kitchen is a good size, bathroom too - but both are slightly dated. Bedroom would fit my furniture and office space is good too. Free parking out the back, nice floors, gas fireplace.

Both are close to the metro, bus and shopping.

I've also prepared a list of 4 other properties on Ridgewood that I should probably have a look at. Gosh - who has time to work? I'm trying to find a place to live!

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raluca said...

stef, your search for a new home sounds like fun! good luck!