Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That's a first

Sunday night I celebrated my birthday with my family. My usual birthday menu (bbq salmon, potatoes, veggie kabobs, corn on the cob). My mother even humoured my request for a formal dinner in their new dining room, with the good china and silver, etc.

After dessert, we retired to the salon/living room/sitting room/parlour (take your pick) and I opened my presents. My parents had actually already given me my gift (Kitchen Aid stand mixer - so beautiful!) several weeks ago so there was just a card from them. Marc gave me a couple of cool Native art things from his cruise to Alaska (for Chris's wedding). Eric bought my ticket to the Radiohead show earlier this month.

The thing is, these two brothers NEVER and I do mean NEVER EVER give me a birthday card (or at least since Marc outgrew making his own). And that's OK. Really and truly. I get it. I don't know if it's because Sam is more a part of Eric's life or if she's rubbing off on him (in a good way) but this year Eric gave me a birthday card. That in itself was pretty shocking. More shocking was what was written.

Imagine if you will, a lavender coloured card with a black and white picture of two puppies snuggling closely together, it says For My Sister. Open the card and it continues, "Close as can be - that's you and me!" Then I nearly peed my pants for laughing so hard. After reading the card out to the rest of the family Eric admitted he got it in the joke section. Ha, ha, ha. Whatever possessed him to get a card, I don't know but I sure had a good laugh. I don't think a joke card could've been any funnier.

Good one, Eric.

I should also mention that Marc gave me a good laugh too. He showed up at my parent's place for the birthday dinner a day early.

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Why said...

Just you wait till Christmas, young lady. I'm going to find you the sappiest card imagineable!