Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 40th!

Happy Birthday to Yvette! My best friend turns 40 today. Phew - where the heck have the last 20+ years gone?

Just think, Why - imagine if we hadn't been in the same Grade 7 music class? You would've never seen lunatic me singing "Good Night Ladies" into my clarinet (really, I am certifiable) and we wouldn't have laughed ourselves silly ever since. Crazy.

Have a great birthday! And take notes on being 40. I'll be turning to you for advice sooner than I like to think (or can manage to calculate in my head).

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Why said...

Thank you, Bestestclosestfriendforeveryoureallyarethegreatest!

So far (one day later), 40 has been fine! The day ended with me having stomach cramps from laughing so hard. OK, admittedly I'd had a glass of wine, but still. Kolina and I were laughing ourselves silly at some clips on YouTube. It's funny how many vides pop up if you type in the word "fart." HAHAHAHAHAHA!