Monday, December 15, 2008

6am Jumper

Who jumps on the tracks before 6am?

So it's Monday. Back to the routine. Out of bed at 5:45am, on the bus at 6:03, arrive at the metro by about 6:07 only to find out there's a JUMPER on the tracks and service will be re-established by 6:15, then 6:24, then 6:33, then ... I don't know because I'd had it. Back up ALL the stairs, back onto a bus at 6:42, finally got on a machine at the gym by 7:10am. My one hour of early morning cardio and crunches turned into a brief 20 minutes of cardio and that was all I had time for.

Not the best start to my week, especially with the icy sidewalks, slushy corners and leaky boots.

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Why said...

How very inconvinient of that person.