Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cruise recap: Day 1

Sorry for the delay in details about the cruise. I've been ... not busy actually, just still on vacation and taking a few days to sort out laundry, groceries and some fun stuff like reading until noon and seeing movies.

Day 1, Monday:

Had to set my alarm for the hideous hour of 3:15am. I'm still asking myself why. I should've just been better prepared the night before is all. Except that I was well prepared. It's those ridiculous last minute things before you go away that have to be taken care of. Anyway, the taxi I had pre-booked, picked me up right on time (4:15am) and I arrived at the airport shortly after 4:30am. My check-in had already been done online, so all I had to do was drop off my bag (and pay American Airlines $25 for the privilege ...) Going through security was long, even at that time. Thankfully the customs officer was chatty and had even been on the same cruise before so he just told me to enjoy myself.

The flight was uneventful and I arrived in Miami spot on time. The cruise representative met me at the luggage carousel and sent me on to the bus to transfer to the port. A short bus ride later and we were at the Port of Miami. Checking in for the cruise was also a breeze because I'd done that online too (how did we live before?!) No sooner had I lined up to pass security, did I bump into nearly all my friends that were coming on the cruise. Boy, was I glad to see them (had started panicking that I'd be spending 4 days on a cruise all by myself.)

After a buffet lunch on the ship, we all wandered off to our staterooms and some exploring. The buffet was ... a buffet. I'm not the best judge anymore thanks to nearly 4 years of buffet meals (3 times a day, 7 days a week) back in the Club Med days, but there was certainly plenty of variety.

My room, located on the 5th floor, was small but not any smaller than I really expected. I took an inside cabin and can honestly say that I didn't miss having a window. I'm not really sure I would ever have had the time to look out of it anyway.

At 3:30pm we had the obligatory muster drill. Fine, whatever - it was hot out, it wasn't raining (yet) and I was on vacation! Then somehow most of us managed to meet up in one of the bars for a round of departure drinks. Just in time too because the rain came down - and hard! Time flies when you're having fun and we had to break up the party to get ready for our 6pm dinner time.

Dinner was fun, if long, and somehow we missed the opening show and the sunset (in fact, missed every single sunset). After a bit more exploring on the ship with the others, I headed to bed around 10pm. It had been quite a long day for me.

Tomorrow ... Nassau!

Pictures, if you're interested are up here.

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