Monday, October 10, 2011

Cruise recap: Day 3

Day 3 - CocoCay, Bahamas

We went to the beach.

I could end the post there because really, that is all we did and it was amazing! But maybe I could give a few extra details.

Let's see ... once again I was up early. Think I managed to sleep until 6:15am (progress!), so I hit the gym for a bit of exercise before our beach day. The sky was cloudless and I got a few pictures of the amazing sunrise. The boat had dropped anchor (saying stuff like "dropped anchor" makes me want to throw in a pirate-y "Arrrr") just off the coast of a little island. This island is a private island for the cruise line, called CocoCay. They had all kinds of activities set up there: a snorkeling beach, a water sports beach, small market and hair braiding, bbq and picnic area, volleyball, Fisher Price Power Wheels track, water slide, kayaks, floating mats, parasail and glass bottom boat tours, corners with hammocks strung up between the palm trees and the best part - Barefoot Beach!

At breakfast I met up with only one of our group. Apparently most of the others were still sleeping and/or hungover from the previous night's festivities (it was the birthday for one of the guys). We decided that we weren't going to miss a single second of our eagerly anticipated beach day and headed out on the first tender over to CocoCay.

Getting there so early gave us the pick of beaches, lounge chairs, etc. We did a short walk around the various beaches and finally plunked ourselves down at Barefoot Beach. We choose a corner just off the beach but beside the walking path, with plenty of hammocks for our group and lots of lounge chairs. It wasn't even 10am but the call of the hammock was too much for us. We ended up having a nice little snooze for probably close to half an hour. The thing that woke us was this irritating golf cart that drove around the island selling bottles of water and beer. The guy's voice I could have ignored. The horn he honked sounded very much like this. And he would honk it about 3 or 4 times when he drove by.

Anyway ... by this time we were pretty sweaty, the sun having moved and our hammocks not being in the shade anymore, so time to get in the water. The water was heaven. There were really no waves (not like at Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island where you could sit in the water but only get knocked over by the waves) and it stayed shallow for ages. After swimming for a while, we finally saw that a few from our group were showing up. We directed them to our camp site and eventually everybody showed up.

Lunch was provided by the cruise and consisted of a buffet lunch set up at various stands in the picnic area. Lots of barbequed meat and stuff, some salads, and fruit for dessert.

After lunch it was back to the beach and we discovered that the tide had gone out. I went for a walk along the beach and discovered lots of exposed shells. I had never seen quite so many before. While a bunch from our group went to play beach volleyball, a couple of us stayed in the water and watched a storm approach. It was pretty cool to see it move closer. When it did start to rain a lot of people grabbed their stuff and headed back to the tenders. We just covered our stuff (that waterproof backpack cover was the best MEC investment ever) and jumped back in the water to wait it out. About 15-20 minutes later the rain had stopped and were almost the only people left on the beach. It felt very much like a private island. No noise from other people, no blaring music, no sellers passing with junk.

At 4pm we had to catch the tender back to the ship. With the last stragglers back on the boat, the ship set sail again at 4:30pm.

Another delicious meal (think I had a battered fish plate) and for once we managed to make it to the show. It was announced as a comedy and juggling show. What it was, was a juggling show with a few (terrible) one liners thrown in. I hate juggling so probably I'm not the best judge but really, I expected better. Following the show, some from the group did a bit of shopping after the show but I didn't get anything.

Thursday would be the last full day of the cruise and we would be in Key West, Florida, so off to bed for a good rest (after a day of doing nothing).

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