Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to my roots

Have spent the last 10 days in Switzerland, returning to my roots, so to speak. Had a great week in the Emmental Valley with Yvette, Andy, Kolina and Dylan. Spent the last 4 days running all over visiting with Grandmaman, aunts, uncles and the many cousins, their spouses and children. Now in Zurich for a little bestestfriend time (i.e. girls day shopping!) and of course the essential stocking up of chocolate!!!

Can't believe 3 weeks is almost over. It's been wonderful.


nickt said...

Anutie Stef, will you be bringing me any chocolate?


Stef said...

It's packed (all nearly CHF 100) and ready to go! I even have a little something special for my niece!

Blogger_Naut said...

Can't wait to have you back. This proves that three weeks is way too long for you to be away.
Wait - did you say chocolate??

Why said...

Why don't you mention the SHOES, Stef???

Stef said...

Heh - oh yeah ... the shoes. Uhhh, well, I sort of bought 4 pairs of shoes while I was away. Yeah, it just kind of happened.