Tuesday, August 09, 2005

PVD has officially set in

Post Vacation Depression (PVD) has hit. Big time. I hate, hate, hate the end of vacation. As much as I love being back in my own home, with my own stuff again - I really miss my friends in Europe.

Dancing in Why's kitchen like a fool, screaming my head off (and dancing like a fool) at the mention of a snake, eating piles and piles of chocolate, laughing until I cry, impressing Why's kids into silence with the power of my burps - these things, I tell ya, just don't happen in my everyday life. Guess maybe that's why I appreciate Why all that much more when we do get together.

PS - Why, you make sure you come over in two years or less. Anna's wedding or not.


Why said...

Don't forget the giving birth-like writhing on the couch while I gave you nose drops, or flinging a tea bag off my balcony, or Andy's artistic use of the fly swatter on you, or our Girls Movie Night watching "Dirty Dancing," or our mimicking statues... I miss you like mad too! I'll really miss having that insanity in my life. Two years, NO MORE!

Stef said...

Oh man!!! Now you've given ALL my dirty little secrets away! I'd all but forgotten (or pushed to the back of my mind) the nose drops. And if I must say, the tea bag flinging was executed in stylish form indeed.

Why said...

Not ALL your dirty little secrets...YET! Did I mention you kissing my shoulder in the restaurant? Hey, and don't forget our Saudi Arabian dialoging! That was bloody hysterical!

Stef said...

Oh yeah!!! My new career as a dialogue-ist. I'm gonna make millions!