Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Last Long Weekend of the Summer

The last long weekend of the summer is over. Although summer doesn't officially end until the 22 Sept., it already kind of feels like fall is here. Sigh.

As some of you may know from reading Nick's and Sue's blogs, I was in Windsor this weekend visiting them. It was incredible to see the changes in my niece, Darcy, even since July. Now she's walking and can't seem to get enough of that! She also gets cuter by the day! Her little expressions, the sounds and "words" she says are great to hear. It's obvious that she's communicating, even if we don't understand all her stories.

Incredibly, I seem to have taken over 100 pictures of Darcy. Check out the best of those (I didn't post all of them) in the latest set of Darcy pictures on my flickr site.

1 comment:

Angry Gnome said...

Oh, um, grrrreat. Looking forward to them.
Remind me to ask you where I can find Eric to slap him around for giving you more picture space. :)