Friday, November 17, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting

Babysitting my niece Darcy was pretty much a snap last night. We played for a while, had dinner, played some more and then to bed. No attitude, no problems.

The kid's a riot. While she was wrapping up her dolly in her blankie she demanded that I sing "Rock a by(e?) baby". So while I sang she rocked the baby. Six times of that song was enough for me. Then we played the drums (mom's tupperware collection), pulled Barbie apart and then put her back together again, coloured with markers, played with Play-Doh and made a puzzle.

For dinner she ate 3 bowls of pasta. I was shocked after the third bowl she asked for "mo' pas'a, peez". There was none left! Instead I decided that we could share an orange. Well, so much for sharing. All I got were 2 little segments. She ate the rest faster than I could get them cut up.

Later we played one of her favourite games, hide & seek. For Darcy though this really consisted of me counting, her crouching on the floor beside the mirrored hall closet with her blankie beside her (not on top of her - beside her). I wish I could have a video of this. Her little bum up in the air, plumber's crack for all to see and her eyes squeezed shut.

As I put her on the toilet (who ever would've thought I'd be writing about a kid going to the bathroom ?) I didn't quite get the potty seat on right, so Darcy sort of slipped around and nearly fell in the toilet. I did grab her in time and joked that she'd nearly got soaked in the toilet. Well - she thought that was funny. She told me I was "silly, Auntie 'Tef" and "you funny". At least she didn't cry!

She went to bed without any problems. Even got into her pjs (backwards the first time) all by herself.

It was a fun night. Hopefully she enjoyed herself a little too.


Why said...

Oh boy, I bet Darcy had a great time! I wish I'd had an aunt as fun as Auntie Tef when I was little!

nickt said...

You didn't say what she did for you while she was on the toilet.