Monday, June 06, 2005

After the Sleep Study, Part 2

3pm, Sunday afternoon.

Cranky and crabby - that’s what I am. Picking up where I left off last night, Alfonso hooked me up around 10-ish, and then let me read until 11. From 11pm to midnight, the light was on in the hallway, so there was no way I was going to fall asleep with it being that bright. Plus lots of walking up and down the hallway by somebody. At midnight they turned off the hallway light and I thought I might get to sleep. But no, I tossed and turned until sometime close to 1:30am (I know this because I kept looking at my watch – thank goodness for a luminous dial). And that’s when all the noises started. Machines beeping LOUDLY (because all noises are about 10 times louder when you’re trying to get to sleep). People running down the hall to turn off said machines. This happened at least 3 times that I can remember. Then I think I slept. But every time I turned over I woke myself up because of the stupid wires pulling at the tape on my skin. At 5:00am they started unplugging people. I laid there in bed and waited for my turn. I was last at 5:35am.

Alfonso told me that there was some leg twitching and also it seems I have obstructed breathing when I lie on my back, so there are two possible solutions. One is to wear some kind of breathing contraption while I sleep which would force air into me, the other is to have some kind of surgery. I didn’t ask what kind because I really don’t think I want to have surgery. All this will be discussed in greater detail with the doctor at my next appointment.

And there you go. On my way out of the hospital I again didn’t see a single person. Very creepy. It was exactly 6am when I got out of there, so I missed the first bus home. Took my time walking down the street and took a couple of early morning sky pictures (see my flickr site: Got home, had some breakfast, started some laundry, did the groceries, cleaned a little and by 9am I was wiped so I had a nap on my oh-so-very-napable couch.


BossMack said...

Wow! Cool site, you seem like a sagacious bitch! Do tha dam thang.

Darcy's Mama said...

Holy Cow Stef! That's a brutal night. I know a guy in Windsor who uses the machine for his sleep apnea (sp?). He says it's made a world of difference.

There no way I would have slept either. How can that really be effective?

Stef said...

Sarah: Eric actually still doesn't know anything about the sleep study, unless he's read my blog.
A film crew? A FILM crew?? Oh holy cow - if I EVER see myself on some tv show I will die of humiliation.

erict said...

What do you mean "unless he' read my blog"? What kind of a brother do you think I am? :)