Thursday, March 02, 2006


Last night my favourite celebrity chef show was on (plays on the CTV Travel Channel, Wednesdays at 9pm). It's called No Reservations and the chef is Anthony Bourdain.

This week's episode took Tony to New Zealand. Us viewers got to see his speech bomb in front of a crowd of foodies in Christchurch, then kill a wild boar (he didn't actually do the killing), drive an ATV along the beach and practically kill himself in the process (it literally rolled over him twice!), enjoy a bbq with all kinds of fresh seafood (I was salivating) and then was welcomed in a traditional Maori ceremony.

It was all beautiful, and in Tony's special way, he smoked, drank and cursed his way through the whole thing. I love him - mostly because he is so real. He's an ass, sometimes obnoxious but always honest.

The best though, was when he was on some billion year-old glacier and the guide was explaining about the snow, ice and flows, etc. He looked at the camera, shrugged his shoulders and said "Meh". "Meh" expressing his utter boredom and disdain for what was being explained. He just wanted some food and drink. Also, the "meh" is an expression or sound that I use often myself, so it was brilliant to hear someone completely out of my circle use it to perfection.

Keep on keepin' on, Tony. You rock.

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