Thursday, March 30, 2006

Public Service Announcement

If you're looking for a photo/frame shop with good customer service, Astral Photo is not the one to go to.

In January I bought three large (16x20) frames from Astral. I hung them up and admired the pictures I put in them. I was quite happy until about a week ago when I returned home after a day at work to find two of the frames in pieces on the floor. I don't know what happened. The nails and hooks are still in the wall. I'm going to guess that the top frame came apart, dropped onto the lower frame and then that one fell apart when it hit the floor.

After searching through my bills I managed to find the receipt and a customer service phone number. According to the receipt I had a 15 day period to return or exchange my items. As it is now March, that period has expired. But I called this customer service center anyway to explain the situation and was basically told that it's too bad for me, that I could go back to the store and show them and possibly they might exchange the frames, and finally - "good luck".

But before I do bring the frames in to the shop, I am going to take a picture of the wall with the hooks and nails still in and bring that in with the frames. Then we'll see what they say. It better be more than "sorry, too bad" and "good luck".

Update to follow.

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