Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tags on Clothing

I have a question. Well actually, a couple of questions.

1) What kind of fabric do clothing manufacturers use to make the tags they put in clothing?

2) Why do they use the most irritating, hard, crunchy and scratchy fabric that feels like hard plastic digging into me?

3) Why do they make these stupid tags so big?

4) Why do they sew these mean ol' tags in so well that it takes some serious and careful cutting to get the tag out, but sew buttons on with two stitches so that the buttons fall off after a single wear?

If you could see the marks these horrible tags have made on me throughout the years ... This afternoon I just cut the tag off another bra because it felt like there was the hard side of velcro digging into my back. And by the way, the turtleneck I'm wearing has a hole in the side of it (which means I have to keep my blazer on) because the tag was practically 3 inches long (well, 6" because it was folded in 2) and had actually scratched me hard enough to draw blood that I cut it off in a fit of rage and ended up cutting too close to the seam so the seam has come undone now and I have an air-conditioned top when it's -12C with the windchill out and I didn't put an undershirt on today because I didn't realise it would be so cold.

Is this day over yet?

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Why said...

I wish I could have seen you in a fit of rage! That would have been priceless!