Thursday, March 09, 2006

Women of Distinction (A Belated International Women's Day Entry)

Last night I attended a little 5 à 7 at the Women's Y Foundation with my Mom. She has been nominated as a Woman of Distinction for her community service work at the Salvation Army's L'Abri d'espoir. The evening was for all the finalists to get together, have their pictures taken, be presented to all the other finalists and of course enjoy a bit of food and drink.

It was very interesting to hear about each woman and the area that they are active in. There are a number of different categories and in each of them, the women, I would say, are ahead of their time. It was fascinating to hear how many of these women are pioneers in their field.

The 13th Annual Women of Distinction Gala evening will take place on May 16th. Mom says she doesn't care if she wins, it's just kinda fun to be there.

Congratulations, Mom and good luck on the night!


Darcy's Mama said...

That sounds really interesting.

Did they feature the picture you had to take of your Mom around Christmas when we were there? That was for this award, right?

Stef said...

They sure did. The picture I took is in the Finalists' booklet and they also showed it on the big screen when they were presenting each finalist at the cocktail.

Bill & Gigi said...

Thanks Stef, for the picture and for accompanying me. It was very enjoyable.