Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Running Question

Although it's not really a running question, but rather a question related to keeping your feet blister free while running.

I was recently told by someone in the foot care industry that marathon runners put Vaseline on their feet before putting their socks on. They do this to prevent blisters. We both want to know: is this true and does it work?

Anyone? (Nick in particular.)

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nickt said...

Short answer, yes.
Long answer, yes, but not vaseline. You want to use something non-petroleum based, like a personal lubricant or gel type roll-on. The thing is that nothing will last the entire marathon. There just too much friction to keep working. You'd had to stop and reapply at some point. But it does help. I haven't had to use it on my feet, but I could have used something under my arms during the half-marathon. After 1:43 of rubbing, skin chafs. I know people who have had chafs in more awkward areas.

If you're having blister issues, get good sock that fit properly. If that doesn't help, turn the socks inside out so that the seams are rubbing your feet raw.

Do a search for running blister and I'm sure you'll find tons of info.