Monday, December 03, 2007

T minus 18

Only one thing to talk about today and that is snow. We've had quite a dumping here in Montreal (expecting approximately 35cm). It caused havoc with the roads this morning. At work lots of people decided to stay at home or they did take the chance and ended up spending a long time in traffic and getting in a few hours late.

None of that was a problem for me. I left for the gym at 5:35. The bus was a minute or two late but it didn't change much for me. Caught the metro fine. The only real problem occurred when I got to the gym and discovered that the staff who are supposed to open the facility hadn't arrived yet and so there were about 25 of us early risers waiting for somebody to let us in. We got in a few minutes later and started our workouts about 5 minutes late. Not so bad. Did my workout, showered, walked to work, which I admit took a few extra minutes because the sidewalks weren't plowed and arrived at work without incident. Pretty normal day for me, except for all the missing people in the office. Oh well, I guess some would call this a Snow Day, I just call it Monday.

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Why said...

I am so incredibly jealous. It's raining and blowing here today.