Sunday, December 02, 2007

T minus 19

What did I do to prepare for my trip today? Nothing!

I did some cleaning, some laundry. Mom came for lunch and then we hopped on the bus for some shopping downtown. I have some pasta boiling for my meal o' the week ("Mr. Bowjangles",i.e. bowtie pasta with veggie 'chicken' strips, broccoli and sun dried tomatoes). I will do some ironing after dinner. And that folks, is it.

The problem is, it's winter. I do not have enough pants to get me through the next 19 days if I pack them now. If this was summer ... no problem! I could put aside a few things now and it would all take care of itself. But in winter? No, this doesn't work. So I've been trying to buy a new pair of jeans or casual pants but so far no luck. This drives me nuts. When I'm not looking to buy clothes (shoes, lingerie, fill in the blank really) I find the wardrobe of my dreams. But then, when I actually am looking to buy one specific thing, it apparently doesn't exist anywhere, or it's wayyyyy over budget, the wrong colour, too big, too small. This drives me nuts. I'm trying to mentally put together a travel wardrobe and it's becoming very difficult. Maybe I will stick to preparing all the travel size containers of shampoo, lotions, etc. That at least I can do. And also start the packing list that will accompany me everywhere I go, with a copy in my luggage, a copy emailed to me in case I lose my copy, a copy with someone staying in Montreal and possibly also a copy with Yvette in Zurich. Does it sound like I'm obsessing? Yes, I know, it does. I'm ok though, I'll stop now.

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Why said...

You're not obsessing, this is fun! I can get excited too!