Monday, July 17, 2006

Dog Sitting

Friday night one of my colleagues from work dropped off her dog at my place. They're on their way to Florida for vacation and I offered to dog sit. Yes, it's true - I offered to dog sit.

"Princess" (and you can stop your snickering at the thought of me calling after a dog with such a name) is a little (aren't they all?) shitzu, weighing in at about 10 lbs and is about a year old. Mostly she's pretty quiet but tends to cry and starts to bark when she can't see me. I've discovered that shushing (is that really a word?) her is working pretty well. I'm enjoying taking her for walks in the park and around my neighbourhood. She doesn't seem to be trained to walk nicely on the leash and I don't know if I should try to train her up a little or not. I'm also a little worried about her food and water intake. She does eat but only a very little bit and the same with drinking. She is doing her business outside when we go for walks, so I guess everything is normal. She is quite an affectionate dog; likes to be petted, sit by my feet when I'm in my chair or beside me on the couch. She does tend to hover around my feet though and I am a little nervous about stepping on her. I have tripped over her a couple of times already and must be more vigilant about looking out for her.

Most surprising to me is that I haven't had any allergic reaction. The night I was expecting her I had taken an allergy pill in advance but then forgot about it on Saturday and only realised on Sunday that I hadn't had any reaction. Haven't bothered taking any more pills and I seem to be OK so far. I'm wondering if my body has changed and maybe I'm not allergic, or to a much lesser degree, to dogs anymore. I'll see how the next 10 days go and then maybe make an appointment with my allergy doctor to get retested.

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Angry Gnome said...

Do you think all pet dander is the same? Perhaps on an itsy-bitsy dog it's different from a larger dog? Maybe they have different kinds of fur?