Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dog Update (and there will be more)

Just so you know, if I ever do get a dog, you can pretty much guarantee that I would post a lot about my dog, what it does, doesn't, and all that jazz. So until that day does come, I will enthrall you with updates from my dog sitting adventure.

Yesterday Princess at last ate all her dinner! I was so pleased. Pleased until she didn't eat all her breakfast this morning. But apparently she could be a little confused and stressed out being in a different environment and away from her family and also due to the serious heat we're having, she may not each as much. Makes me feel better. I put the timer on the a/c to come for longer today to help keep her comfortable during the day.


Angry Gnome said...

AHA! So you would be a pet blogger if you indeed had a pet. I always wondered if I was weird for blogging about Kiwi but alas, I am not.
Well, ok, just a little bit.

Angry Gnome said...

Where is Why, by the way? She hasn't been posting. Is she on vacay with the family?

Stef said...

Why is at home, going on picnics and stuff, but she's around. No idea why she's not posting recently.

Why said...

I am indeed around. As Stef said, we've been spending most of our days at the lake or at the pool 'cause it's just too damn hot to do anything else. And I haven't been logging on as much (as you seem to have noticed). Not much to say, really.