Friday, July 28, 2006

Gone, gone, gone

Princess has been returned to her rightful owners, Darcy is on her way back home with Nick & Sue, life returns to normal. To tell the truth, looking a little boring right now.

Tuesday night my work colleague came by to pick up her dog and I really found myself looking for something to do once the dog was gone. It was a great experience for me to have a dog for a little while. It's helped make clear a few things in my mind about owning a dog. First of all, while I don't work a lot of overtime during the summer months, during the winter and spring I do. I am often out of the house for 12-14 hours a day. If I were to own a dog, this would mean having to think about hiring a dog walker. And while I don't work a lot of overtime during the summer, my social life does pick up a little (and I'll thank you to keep your smart aleck remarks to yourself) and this again would require a dog walker. This can be quite expensive and on my budget may prove prohibitive. Secondly, the type of dog I am interested in adopting may howl at being alone for so long during the day. Living as I do in an apartment block, where soundproofing does not exist, I think it would be unfair to my neighbours to add such a soundtrack to their lives. Thirdly, I still need to sort out my allergy issues. I'm trying to make an appointment but it could be a few months until I actually get to the doctor's office.

Last night, Thursday, I said my good-byes to Nick, Sue & Darcy. They head back home today, with an overnight stop at Sue's parents in Cambridge, Ontario. Spending Sunday afternoon, and most of Wednesday and Thursday with them was a sheer delight for me. I've been exposed to many aspects of Darcy's little (and growing) personality - and really, I think she's probably just like any other 2-year old. Bright, inquisitive, chatty, stubborn and funny! I'm already looking forward to our next visit together over Labour Day weekend.

Until then I need to find something to occupy myself outside of work. There are a few books that have been collecting dust, some movies that I've said I'll watch, plenty of ironing to do and a few new recipes to try. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, I do have more pictures to put up on flickr, but my camera battery is too low to download them and I forgot my back up battery at home. You'll have to wait until Monday. Sorry!

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