Friday, July 21, 2006

Dog Update

Friday is here already. That means it's been a week with the dog. Princess is doing well, I think. It's been a bit hard to get her to eat, but a few friends have told me that the heat we've been experiencing may lessen her appetite.

Otherwise she's doing much better on the leash, I can actually get her to sit on command (even though it's not for long) and she is finally understanding that for me to let her out of the cage she has to be calm and not jumping around like crazy. This is progress!

1) She seems to be scared of people and other animals when we're outside. She really shies (shys?) away from them.

2) She has found my sock bin and last night decided to choose a pair and start chewing on them as she would one of her toys. That did not go over so well with me. The socks have now been placed out of reach. I'm a quick learner too ;)

We had a big thunderstorm last night and she jumped a couple of times when the thunder boomed. But I can't blame her - I did too! I could've sworn lightning must have hit somewhere very close.

Had to take her out for a walk in the rain this morning. She looked like a big wet rat by the time we got home. She didn't like me drying her off and managed to get her dirty paws all over my nice clean beige pants. Lesson here - do not wear light coloured pants if you're going to dry off a hyper-active dog just before going to work.

Another 5 days and I'll be giving her back. On the whole it's been a good experience so far. Will let you know how it ends.

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