Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Long Overdue Update

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks. My work/life balance got a little out of whack there for a bit. But now I have taken control of things again and will do my best to provide more regular updates over the summer.

To recap: Girls Getaway Weekend was fab. Bought some delicious cheese, flirted with the border guard, checked out some great greyhounds, had a pretty drive, ate lunch in a cafe with a great view, took a ferry ride, had some fun grocery shopping, ate lots of great fish and ice cream, drank lots of fun cocktails (except for the part that got spilled on the floor) and even managed a few pictures! The weather cooperated and the timing was perfect everywhere. Could not have asked for a better weekend. Well, sure it could've been longer but that's being greedy. We're planning another one for the end of the month. Let's hope that turns out just as well.

Since then I've also done a few nice bike rides. One in particular with my mom was funny because she borrowed my Dad's biking gloves and didn't notice they were on upside down until our first break. Yesterday though I had a not so nice bike ride home from the dentist. Managed to get caught in a bad storm. But it did make me bike faster to get home. So I got home in record time but I was covered from head to toe in mud, mud and more mud. I didn't know I could get so dirty bike riding. Really - I looked like some kind of extreme bike rider after a mountain trail race or something. I also found out that your feet can get wet enough while biking to do the squishy thing in your shoes. Now I know.

What else? Oh, I'm sure I've forgotten piles of stuff but there you go. That's my fault for not keeping up to date.


Why said...

It's good to have you back!

Angry Gnome said...

July 22! Mozart under the stars overlooking Lake Champlain. You, me, whoever wants to tag along and yes, a Vanderbilt mansion. Sah-weet.

Why said...

Angry Gnome that sounds divine! Wish I could join you. Would you throw a bottle of wine into the deal?

Angry Gnome said...

I'll throw in two.