Friday, January 19, 2007

Have I told you yet that I love you?

Cashmere, that is. I recently purchased my first cashmere sweater (yes, first, and I still can't believe it's taken me 37 years to start wearing cashmere). I feel like I've been wearing 100% polyester all my life and suddenly nothing else will do but cashmere.

Here's why:
it's soft (it feels "like butter")
it's warm (especially in horribly cold places like Montreal)
it's light weight (doesn't add 10lbs to me when I wear it)
it's dressy (can wear it to work)
it's casual (can wear it with jeans)

So, I think I need more cashmere in my wardrobe. Like, underwear too maybe, if that were possible (is it?). Or how about sheets? Definitely a shawl, a blanket, more turtleneck sweaters, mittens, gloves ... I could go on.

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Darcy's Mama said...

I just saw on old episode of "What Not to Wear" when I went home at lunch time. The crazy woman they were making over kept complaining about how itchy cashmere is.

I wonder what she thinks cashmere is?