Friday, January 12, 2007

Spa Therapy

Last Friday I was lucky enough to take the afternoon off work and indulge in a little spa therapy (even better, it was at someone else's expense!). The people at Spa Diva treated me f-i-n-e.

And how did I indulge myself you may ask? By having a 50-minute facial, followed by a Chocolate Body Wrap.

Can you hear me laughing??? I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to get this kind of treatment!

When I first found out that the facial was 50-minutes, I thought for sure I’d be bored after about 10. I can now safely tell you that this was not the case. Quite the opposite in fact. I wish it could have been longer, I wish the facial-lady could have done more wonderful things to my face. Who knew?! Looks like there’s a new area of the touchy-feely business for me to get hooked on.

Following the heavenly facial, I was bundled off for my chocolate body wrap. I’ve had a body wrap before (seaweed) and found that to be pretty decadent (if a little fishy/sushi smelling). I loved the way my skin felt after the wrap. This chocolate wrap was great too. Imagine having somebody exfoliate your body from shoulders to ankles with sea salt, then slather you in melted chocolate, wrap you up in plastic, cover you with a heavy heated blanket and let you simmer for 15 minutes. I kid you not – if I could have licked the stuff off me, I think I would’ve. It smelled that good. After 15 minutes you rinse it all off and then go home smelling like chocolate! All I did for the rest of the day was sniff myself. And soft skin? My, oh my, oh my! My skin has never felt so smooth, so soft, so ... so ... I don’t even know how to explain it other than "soft" but that just doesn’t come close to how soft my skin was. Do you get the idea?

Suffice it to say it was a great afternoon. I need more afternoons/days/weekends like that.


Why said...

That does it. I'm going to plan a visit to a Spa. My friend Maria is a beautician, has her own little salon and does WICKED hour-long facials. I've been thinking I need to call her soon. Now I KNOW I'll be calling her soon!

super_c03 said...

Can I sniff you tomorrow? I feel like going through the motions even if you don't smell chocolaty.