Sunday, August 26, 2007

Made it!

Here I am in Windsor after an all too brief stay with Lynn & Family in Burlington. I had a wonderful time catching up with Lynn & Gus, and also getting to know their three great kids, Michael, James & Kieran.

We thought Saturday would be ruined by the incredible rain that was coming down that morning but in the end decided to make the trip down to Niagara Falls in the wild hope that maybe, just maybe, the weather would clear up. And surprise, surprise - it did! We had a wonderful lunch at a groovy little 50s-era cafe, then a picturesque drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a stroll through the shops and an all-important ice cream, and finally to The Falls themselves for a trip on The Maid of the Mist, which was a blast! We all got soaked and loved it! Finally, we ended the day with a round of silly faces after dinner at a local Italian restaurant. It was a longer day than we anticipated and didn't get home until about 11pm. The kids were all asleep in the car and us adults were about asleep on our feet. Think it did all of us good to have a lie-in this morning.

I managed to take about 200 pictures yesterday. Good thing it's digital, right?! You'll have to wait until I get home though to see those. Sorry!

Next up - my new nephew Wesley! Gosh is he EVER teeny-tiny! I did hold him for a bit, but honestly, he's so little that it makes me a bit nervous. Mostly he's been asleep but he did wake up long enough to do a squirty fart and poop while laying on my lap. Bit scary that - when Nick picked him up I was sure there'd be poop all down my legs, but there wasn't - phew! Never say never though ...

Darcy is a cute and wonderful as ever. Also quite a little chatterbox! And I'm even managing to understand most of it. Very impressive, no? Will have to see which activity the two of us can get started on tomorrow.

For now though, time for me to get to bed.


Why said...

Glad you had a good weekend with Lynn - sounds like alot of fun! I'll be impatiently waiting to see those pics!

Have you changed a diaper yet?

Stef said...

Aunties don't change diapers, they just cuddle and spoil and give smooches ;)

Why said...

I would make you change a diaper!