Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After a few quick errands around town this morning with Nick and Darcy, we spent the afternoon doing some more painting and then paddling in the wading pool. It was a beautiful hot afternoon and Darcy seemed to really enjoy splashing about. The best for her (and for Nick & Sue) was when she threw a bucket of water at me and got me square in the chest. In an instant, I was soaked from the neck down. I had changed into shorts and a t-shirt and knew I was going to get wet but for some reason wasn't quite expecting to be caught off guard like that. Shows what I know about 3 year olds!

Tonight after Darcy went to bed, Sue gave Wesley a bath. This didn't seem to bother him much at all and he posed beautifully for a 1-week old photo session. Then while Nick did the garbage and Sue had a bath, I got to snuggle with Wesley for a bit and he fell asleep on my lap. He is very, very cute! And very, very mellow.


Why said...

Those juices flowing yet??

Stef said...

Are you mad?

Why said...

I'll take that as a no.